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Program Structure

Our university is one of the only colleges around that has a masters in athletic training program that puts you ahead of the learning curve. Study from anywhere, choose from hundreds of clinical immersions, and join us on-campus in the summer for hands-on instruction.

Program Structure

Our two-year, six-semester, 85 credit masters in athletic training program starts each summer. Our hybrid structure means you join us on-campus in the summer for intensive hands-on education, then study online in the fall and spring, gaining hands-on clinical experience at our partner institutions.
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Our masters in athletic training program goes beyond preparing you to take the BOC exam. We accelerate the learning curve so you can be an effective practitioner in less time.


Curriculum Rigorous and rewarding, our MSAT programs prepare you to make an immediate impact with patients. Only at U of I can you choose clinical immersions at one of 150+ sites nationwide and take advantage of numerous continuing education courses. No cookie cutter education here!
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Career Placement

Our graduates are prepared for masters in athletic training careers in a variety of settings, and often step into advanced positions soon after graduating.

Career Placement

Our graduates work for sports teams, the military, manufacturers, performing arts groups and more. Clinical immersions help you build experience for your dream job and get your foot in the door at your location of choice.
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Tuition & Fees

Our tuition is one of the lowest (hint: it’s because we are self funded). And no “extra” fees. Ever.

Tuition & Fees

We charge an annual flat-rate, all-fees-included tuition. $22,995 covers all tuitions, course fees and textbooks. Extra continuing education courses and certifications are free.
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Faculty Leaders

Highly-credentialed. Visionary. Our faculty has set the bar for other MSAT programs.

Faculty Leaders

Our faculty have deep experience in nearly all aspects of AT practice, including professional, collegiate, high school and clinical settings. Our faculty were the first athletic trainers in the world to be certified in the Mulligan Concept—and designed the nation’s first DAT program.
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Clinical Research

Rooted in evidence, our student and faculty research is helping transform patient care.

Clinical Research

Our University is one of the only colleges with masters in athletic training programs in the country. We help students translate research to practice. Our faculty members maintain a balance of applied and laboratory research while also mentoring student-led projects. Together, we enhance evidence-based practice and create practice-based evidence.


More patient interaction.
More variety. More freedom.

Athletic trainers work in diverse settings and often see patients daily or several times a day—which stands in stark contrast to the mere minutes allotted to other medical providers. As an athletic trainer, you can cultivate relationships and make a real impact on people’s lives. Our U of I graduates work with sports teams, athletes, performing artists, military personnel, and industrial workers. If you want a fulfilling career where you’re in the thick of the action, our Athletic Training masters degree prepares you to hit the ground running.

Pick the athletic training master’s program that leads the pack.

Find your stride.

We’re here to make you a successful practitioner. 

Ours is one of the best accelerated Master’s in Athletic Training programs. It imparts years of training, discovery and clinical experience. We give you everything you need to know to be a highly-effective, capable, certified practitioner right out of the gate. No other university athletic training master’s program matches our academic rigor, clinical focus, and emphasis on personal development.

Get ahead faster.
Get your athletic training masters degree.

Our MSAT grads enjoy higher salaries and lower student debt.

While physical therapists continue to see their salaries sag, and doctors are burdened with crushing student debt (over $200k on average!), athletic trainers are getting ahead. If you have an athletic training masters degree, you have a bright future with strong upward-trending earning potential and lower student debt.

You’ll take on even less debt at U of I. We’re one of the only athletic training master’s programs in the U.S. that’s self-funded, so our tuition costs are among the lowest in the nation and our program quality is higher. Our MSAT students rack up professional certifications and attend career-boosting trainings at no extra cost.

After completing our accredited MSAT program, it’s not uncommon for our graduates to step right into advanced positions with higher pay. Just one more way our MSAT program gets you ahead of the pack.

Find flexibility.

Our innovative program lets you pursue a masters in Athletic Training wherever you want.

Highly flexible by design, our MSAT program provides a challenging education while giving you the opportunity to access experts anywhere in the nation. We’re one of the only universities to offer an accredited Athletic Training Master’s programs that lets you stay rooted in your community with options to explore the country. Choose from hundreds of career-boosting clinical immersion opportunities with partner institutions and clinics across the U.S.

Our students succeed. On average, 97% of our MSAT graduates pass the board OF CERTIFICATION exam.

—based on data from 2015-2020

Program Structure

The MSAT is an accredited 24-month, 85 credit program. Each summer, students come to our U of I campus for 13-15 units of intensive, hands-on education and utilize our applied learning spaces. Fall and spring semesters utilize a hybrid education model.


All students are required to complete a minimum cumulative total of 900 clinical education hours under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer during the two-year program.

Clinical Experiences

In addition to on-campus clinical work, students dive into a variety of clinical experiences thanks to hundreds of affiliates around the country. We are one of the only colleges with a Master’s in Athletic Training Program that offers clinical experiences in this manner.

Our Master of Science in Athletic Training (M.S.A.T.) is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, an accrediting agency recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

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Visit our MSAT Prospective Students page and find information on career trends, degree requirements, scholarships, program costs and more.

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We lead the nation in Athletic Training programs.

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“With an MSAT from U of I, you can skip the learning curve and the “paying your dues” phase and step right into your dream job.”


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